Monday, April 19, 2010

Lalit modi..scapegoat of Congress corruption...

Now the whole kitchen sink is being thrown at Lalit Modi. Looks like Sharad Pawar has provided the sacrificial lamb to Congress party, probably in exchange for protection of his own bank account. While Shashi Tharoor will be happily claiming his innocence and Pushkaring away, Modi will be in a neighborhood prison soon. At this point, this has degenerated into politicians saving their skins. And providing a lesson to people that expose the functioning of the Great Congress party of Mahatma Gandhi in any way. Topi Pehenke Topi Lagao, Kisine Pakda To Usko Mahatma Gandhi se bhi Jyada Nanga Kar do.

The IPL can easily become a casualty, similar to how India is a casualty while politicians shore up their bank accounts while wearing their spotless whites and crooked smiles. I doubt there will be a fourth season.

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Pravin said...

Not only Lalit Modi has been made the scapegoat but also the people of India have been made fools by the politicians. All the ministers are involved even the ministry of Maharashtra. Ever wondered why the entertainment tax was waived for the IPL?
It is saddening to see that thousands of crores of rupees are being spent on a game while farmers are committing suicide, the under nourished are dying

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