Monday, June 16, 2008

Pakistan finds a terror fighting formula!

Pakistan has just found the solution to world terrorism. Now that Afghanistan, with US help, wants to do what Pakistan has been doing in Kashmir for 40 years, Pakistan almost sounds like India. They are having an epiphany about territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Afghanistan has been Pakistan's thrash dump for a long time. They unleashed the Talibs aka Taliban on Afghanistan years ago using their local Pashtun population and were proud of the end results. They are now turning a blind eye towards them within their own borders. Unfortunately for them, American eyes are sharper. Of course, nothing much is going to come of it. All the noise making will stop after the American elections are over.

Divorce education?.....

It is indeed a tragedy that women in India that want to get out of a marriage think that suicide is an available option. The death of a Karnataka legislature member's wife is a case in point.

Maybe there were other forces involved too. But there should be no room for a woman that wants to separate from her spouse to go this route.

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