Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Police recruiting fraud...

A police recruiting fraud has been exposed in Kolkata. This means that something similar is happening in police forces all across the country. Mumbai is one place where this may be happening. The going rates for getting into the police force are pretty high in Mumbai and future cops may be opting for dummies to ensure clearing the examination. The scope of under the table earnings are huge in big cities. Visit these cops' relatives houses in their native places and examine their spouse's assets to find the scope of the problem. Sources of income are typically brothels, gambling dens, illicit liquor and dance bars. Another huge source of income is allowing people to "go back home" or "stay home" after a complaint has been received by the police.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

You complain, we wear pants

Looks like a pattern has been established now regarding cheerleader attire. Any state that complains about Cheerleader attire will now get Cheerleaders wearing pants for both the teams. Liberal cities will continue to get cheerleaders dressed in cheerleader attire. The moves of the Cheerleaders remains as crisp as ever, pants or no pants.

Thank God for the hawk eyes of politicians. The dignity of females have been preserved in the land that gives them the ultimate indignity in the form of dowry and female foeticide. If you politicians think that a woman is the embodiment of God, do something about dowry and selective abortions.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Crazy Sreesanth...Bye bye Harbhajan...

Here is an article by a Malayalee author as to why Sreesanth is not the most popular Keralite. The article also mentions previous interactions between Harbhajan and Sreesanth. The article's premise is now justified.

Sreesanth just does not know when to stop assing around. He has got some enormous loose screws in his head and his actions have caused an end to Harbhajan's international cricket career. Harbhajan is a loose screw himself, but like any hotheaded Punjabi, he goes mad when he is right, unlike Sreesanth, who goes nuts whenever he thinks he has an advantage, which is pretty much all the time.

He got the eight wicket in the 20-20 match against Mumbai, walked over to the other side of the crease and gave the close walk/talk to the player that got out. He did that a couple of times to Robin Uthappa too before that. After the end of the game, Harbhajan slapped him in the field. Even though it is Harbhajan whose career will be over now, it is Sreesanth who has had the last laugh(or cry) by making sure that everybody knew what Harbhajan did. His revenge against Harbhajan is now complete.

By crying and not retaliating, Sreesanth has preserved his own career for now. I am sure he was scared and emotionally hurt and it was not an act. Whatever it was, Harbhajan's career is done, given what happened in Australia. So we have a case of 20-20 causing damage to the Indian team. There is no better off spinner around in India at this point in time.

I also think that the owners will stop showing up to support their team with the same fervour going forward. Anybody who has support galli cricket and other local forms of cricket knows that supporting your team at close quarters is not a fun experience when you get the see the ugly and unsportsman conduct that usually happens.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cheerleader morality...

Mumbai's morality police has had success with bar dancers before. Now they are training their eyes on the Cheerleaders in the IPL league. Yes, Cheerleading is an envelope pushing activity in India. Some of the cameramen even went one step further and got into camera angles unseen in the US, mostly because the cheerleader platforms are raised above the ground. Looks like nobody noticed this with the ICL league. Even more funny is the fact that film star politicians are raising the issue.

Looks like you can do these kind of things only in a film and not anything "live". If males can do bodybuilding, then surely females can do cheerleading, the ultimate female body and attitude showoff activity.

Only Chennai has an all Indian cheerleading team and they were absolutely miserable. One of the females considered just her presence to be good enough and would not even join in the dance routines!

Hopefully other parties will pick this up in other states and make sure that our "In-den-ness" is preserved.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The IPL 20 league..

The first IPL 20 match delivered what the newly formed league promised and the matches were similar in format to American football sports events that usually last around 3-4 hours. The software companies around the Bangalore area seem to have seized the opportunity by plying the company buses for their employees. A great idea that needs to be followed in other places. Watch out for punch drunk folks on the way back though; these won't be happy campers.

I did not feel bad about spending the money required to watch these games. Hopefully the format sticks and we will see a lot more of such events and tournaments going forward.

I did hope for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, but the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders were pretty good themselves. And they have put in a lot of hard work. Knowing how India works, the biggest challenge for the Indian cheerleaders will be for them to get comfortable in their costumes in the face of future adversities, especially when the home team is losing and the beer is flowing. I do not envision them to ever match the athleticism of their American counterparts, thanks to the absence of intense activities for Indian women as a general rule. I did not see much of security in the first game; that will need to change, especially around the cheerleaders. Or maybe they are already doing that and I was too busy watching the cheerleaders.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Painful reminders to out of state residents...

Here is the speech by Rajnikant that was invoked recently by politicians in Maharashtra. Rajnikant is an icon in Tamil Nadu and a former resident of Bangalore and he has lot of friends in Bangalore. Rajnikant is essentially asking Congress politicians in Karnataka to speak the truth and not fan violence. Congress did have a victory though; they convinced Karunanidhi to keep quite for a while so that elections get over in Karnataka.

The common thing between the Karnataka violence and the anti north indian violence in Maharashtra is that these are essentially anti Indian activities. Karnataka politicians refuse to implement supreme court directives, Maharashtra politicians refuse to acknowledge the contributions of other ethnicities.

An interesting point bought out in the Tamil protests protests was the use of the slogan "हम सब भाई भाई' invoked frequently in feel good speeches. Obviously Kannadigas do not consider a Madrasi a भाई, even though the relations between them are very similar to that between Gujarat and Maharashtra minus the water. A maharashtrian definitely does not consider a भय्या भाई, and I am not sure what figure of speech that is. अगर भाई भाई नहीं हैं, तो भारत काहेका? Once you get out of your own home state, it is essentially a वनवास। You end up becoming मद्रासी, भय्या in a bad way, வட நாட்டான் (North Indian in bad way in Tamil Nadu), ಕೊಂಗಾ (Konga, which is Tamilian in a bad way in Karnataka), gulti and hundreds of other ethnic slurs।

आम्ही सगळे भाऊ भाऊ, तू कौन भाई बनने चला? चल वर्गणी निकाल!

Here is a link to a interesting article about Amitabh's mom. I guess that makes Amitabh half punjabi in addition to his UP roots. So maybe the punjabis should start attacking him now for not getting their share. And Aishwarya Rai is from Karnataka, so they can get in line too.

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