Sunday, January 6, 2008

The ID experiment in New Delhi...

It is an understandable idea, given Pakistan's fascination with killing political leaders of their own country and neighboring countries,but it will not work. Indians can work in any city they want. Maharashtra uses ration cards and the Bangladeshis simply accept the 7000 rupees it cost to get a ration card as the price of settling in Mumbai. The ID will go the same way. Plus the uneducated will get the most trouble; Biharis and UP folks will bear the brunt of the rule.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Surrogate mothers, great outsourcing....

Surrogate motherships are the new form of outsourcing going on in India right now. This is probably the best outsourcing that India has done to date. An American baby in a caring family is a precious and rare commodity, thanks to the unforgiving fast track work culture in America. IVF treatments cost around $17000 a try; you can have a baby for a comparable amount this way. Add to the mix the recreational drug menace in America and it makes perfect sense to have the baby in typically lacto vegetarian, drug free settings and using already married educated women that have had normal pregnancies.

Efficiencies of scale might make you nervous about the situation. But I believe this is the best thing to happen.

Adoptions all over the world have gone terribly wrong in more ways than one. For example, Christian Charities in India seem to send over the sickest babies for adoption. While it is a great humanitarian concept, the average American family goes under managing the baby. The American family is not informed of the sickness of the adopted babies in most cases and there are horror stories of the kid needing emergency procedures right out of the airplane. Plus the adopted child is almost always a girl, if you are adopting from India. Surrogate mothership is the perfect outsourcing, even better than software outsourcing.

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