Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blueprint for the end of India?....

The events of recent weeks provide what could be a possible blueprint as to how India will cease to be in existence. All that is needed is retaliation by other states. So when Maharashtra goes after NorthIndians, they could in turn go after South Indians who could in turn go after the North Indian. During stray violence, Maharashtrians and Tamilians get killed in Karnataka, causing South Indian violence on each others. Sikhs start attacking nonSikhs in Punjab due to the attacks on them all over the country, causing an exodus there. Everyone get tired of "Mera Bharat Mahaan" and set up their own states. Belgaum ehtnic Maharashtrians and Bangalore ethnics Tamilians are sent packing, setting the stage for future border wars.

All this requires is the presence of three powerful jokers. We are dangerously close to such a scenario now, the two jokers in the pack right now are Raj Thackeray and Lalu Yadav. Firm government intervention is needed to address this threat to national integrity.

India is the cake that everyone takes for granted. There is a lesson to be learned from Yugoslavia here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

किसका Mumbai?

What are you supposed to do when politicians take over your city and your state and redefine it's identity? As is happening with Mumbai and Maharashtra now? Ofcourse, they will be defeated badly in the next election(will they?). But the damage is already done. Looks like Maharashtra is all set to become a beacon of ethnic intolerance(like many other states in India).

What next? Ask other states not to perform Ganesh Chaturti as it is a Maharashtrian festival? Ban out of state people from visiting Saibaba? I feel bad that that Baba Amte had to witness this before passing away.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teacher harassment...

Teacher harassment and favor seeking is reaching epidemic proportions in India. The case in Gujarat is extreme, but teachers in private engineering, medical and dental colleges have been known to indulge in abusive behavior. Hopefully laws will be introduced and legal protection will be provided to students that lodge complaints.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Smoking allowed in adult films...

Moral admonitions are not going to stop smoking on the Indian Screens. Plus there is an element of freedom of expression.

The punishment has to be economical. Make all films that have smoking scenes to be an Adult film. That will keep a key demographic out of theaters and put a rein on the "creative" instincts of artists. Wallets are the least common demonitors here, not morality.

Ofcourse stars can do whatever they want in public, including smoking. The health minister has a habit of targeting North Indians, he would hesitate to say that about South Indian stars.

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