Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bullets don't kill you, banging your head will....

Ofcourse we are all proud to be an Indian. But there are times when you are glad to be an Indian. Notice how the intelligence of the Pakistani people is taken for granted by saying that Bhutto banged her head on the car and died and blaming "foreign terrorists". That is a huge "up yours" for Bhutto supporters and a way of taunting her followers. Sindhis are the brains of Pakistans, their brains must have surely short circuited as a result of this "finding" of the "interior ministry".

What's scary is that if they can do this to their own people in this manner, imagine how much Kashmiris suffer at the hands of such callous monsters. Now that they have found a weapon even more powerful than guns and bombs, I guess the terrorists will start banging people's head against cars going forward. Classic example of "You are dead, go away" mentality of the terrorists and their masters.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Ram is too good to be true...So thinks Buddhadeb...

I had indicated top ten reasons as to why the Tamil Nadu chief minister hates Lord Ram in the Tamil Nadu blog.

Now the West Bengal CM has got into the act by denying Ram's existence. Of course the real reason is to appease the communist base and take their eyes off the Nandigram mess. As a ruling chief minister, these comments are very immature and divisive.

Added later: Buddhadeb has clarified his comments. Essentially he was quoting Rabindranath Tagore, who in turn was pontifying about the purity of a poet's mind and how a poet's mind surpasses any pious physical landmarks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blogs for all Indian states and major cities

Due to the interactive nature of these blogs with news, videos and images, you might want to visit blogs of specific cities and states. You can go here to get a link to all the blogs with a similar format.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ashley Judd, human being extraordinaire.....

Ashley Judd did some fantastic work in India recently to raise AIDS awareness at all levels and to get a celebrity fundraising going. Watch the moving video on National Geography or catch preview/make a donation here.

The clip on National Geographic has the portion where Shah Rukh helps out Ashley with the necessary airtime of himself as well as a hand in fund raising efforts. Notice how they talk about the conversation with Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh is putting his MBA degree to some great use! Another great human being that India should be proud of!

Other film personalities that help Ashley are Sushmita Sen, Akshay Kumar and the Rai foundation.

Added later: Both the working prostitute(who is now dead and to whom the National Geographic video was dedicated to) and the Rajasthani driver were lying about their identities. The woman's last name and her accent and mannerisms was clearly Maharashtrian, yet she was putting in the standard line about being abducted from Nepal. Nothing wrong about being abducted from Maharashtra itself, but that probably carried a lot of shame and emotional baggage for this now departed person. I think Sushmita Sen realized the lie, but she kept quiet as "outing" her would have really meant nothing. The Rajasthani driver was a crazy character and was lying all the way to the bank. Suddenly the name of the movie "Sex, lies and videotape" makes a lot of sense.

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