Friday, September 19, 2008

Cricket politics

Here's a BCCI quote.

"We are disappointed by this move from Sri Lanka," Niranjan Shah, the BCCI secretary, told Cricinfo. "We will now refer the matter to the ICC, which is already debating the issue of unauthorised cricket." If that is unauthorized cricket, what about the charity match played by some Indian cricketers right in the middle of a one day series? Just proves the point that BCCI can pretty much do whatever it wants, including risking player safety and health to have them play cricket in your political backyard.

Just because the BCCI uses money from Cricket to build gyms for fat politicians in Delhi does not make them the guardians of authorized cricket. Cricket can be played by anyone. If the BCCI wants to take it's revenge, it can continue to do that. But it should stop acting like a priest that condemns all activities not purified by its political presence.

Ofcourse this edifice will come down after Congress loses it's power in elections. Right now, this is probably the top reason as to why the Congress government should be kicked out. Dabbling in cricket politics is not cricket and their wicket should be uprooted just for this reason.

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