Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top ten changes you can expect in a corruption free India..

10. You will get a ticket and you will to pay a three figure fine for traffic violations.
9. Anything that gets done in three days will not get done in 10 minutes.
8. It will not be required to pay 3 lakhs for getting trained to be a police constable.
7. North Indian will stop vying for Indian Government jobs and all Indian will stop vying for State Government jobs. Same goes to municipal jobs. And all those jobs will pay more salaries to attract recruits.
6. Jail will be filled with poor uneducated criminals and rich Government workers that did not get the memo.
5. Millions of Indians will figure out where the courthouse is. They will also find out that parking and other basic amenities in courthouses are woefully inadequate. Tips: Use the restroom before you leave for court and find nearby restaurants with good food and good restrooms.
4. Knowing a politician will become much more important. You can still get a politician to speak on your behalf by campaigning for him.
3. Knowing the local language and being the "son of the soil" will gain importance.
2. People giving bribes will end up in courts and in jails.
1. Politicians will figure a way around the whole mess and continue their British ways of ravaging the country and feel good about it at the same time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stop getting aid from former masters...Get Swiss money instead..

In what has become an annual tamasha, British government sends "aid" to India and the fiscal conversatives (and other forms of conservatives) in Britain complain. Here's an idea. How about India asking Britain to stop the aid? The time for such matters is long gone! Instead, get the money back from the Swiss banks where the politicians have hidden the sweat and toil of millions of Indians. Notice the extreme efficiency of our political bureaucracy in terms of "receiving" aid and the utter ineptitude in sending a formal request for Swiss assets of corrupt Indians. India does not need alimony any more, Indian children are quite capable of taking care of Mother India.

Even the Egyptians did it in a couple of days. Now that the Swiss boat in sinking, the Indian politician rats will take the cheese elsewhere pretty quick. Then, miraculously, our "official" request will be made correctly and nothing will be found. The question to ask should be "Who has or had Swiss accounts and what was the amount?"

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