Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bye Bye Lalit Modi...

Knowing how the Indian corruption system works, Lalit Modi will be eased out of his job soon. An MP like Shashi Tharoor cannot pull the strings that caused the initial auction to be cancelled, there are bigger fish in this murky pond. Those folks are not happy that Shashi Tharoor was outed; now the income tax department will find thousands of irregularities in Modi's bank account. I hope Sharad Pawar is still on Modi's side. If he is not, Modi may be out even before the third season of IPL is over. Hopefully is was the NCP leader Sharad Pawar that asked Modi to out the Congress leadership group that was trying to take over an IPL franchise.

That particular Congress leadership group has already made it's move. Modi will now be labeled as a tax cheat and kicked out and will probably end up in jail for a short period. The Delhi franchise that is close to Modi is already in trouble; they have already been hit with crores of tax liabilities and fines. The tax system is India is a complete joke; it will now take around 20 years for these folks to prove their innocence. At which point, they will get their money back, without any interest.

Hopefully this particular shadow group is not bigger than Pawar; at this point, it does look like these are really big politicians dragging Modi to the ground. Sharad Pawar will get his revenge during the next set of Maharashtra elections. The IPL will go on without Lalit Modi, but it will just not be the same sense of adventure and excitement.

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