Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Afghanistan's master shows up....

Looks like America is making some good gains against the Taliban. Pakistan has been happy to "eat up" the money and provide "assistance" until now. Now that the end game is near and Taliban is getting decimated, they want to "mediate" with what is essentially their hand in the pot.

The US has been pretty gullible and they will surely fall for this trick too. Maybe they are not too gullible; a fighting China/India/Pakistan without the US anywhere near the region is probably good for them in the long run. India will surely have a much stronger and willing to fight enemy after the Afghans go back to proxy Pakistani rule after the US departure. Any hope of education and progress that Indians have bought to Afghanistan will be quickly snuffed out by the next Pakistani puppet regime in Afghanistan. Well to do neighbors don't go well with fanatic poverty and misery.

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