Sunday, January 31, 2010

Relax..Take it easy....

The increase in suicides in India, especially after the movie "3 idiots" is discouraging. The actual death suicide is not damaging, the other suicide attempt where the guy miraculously survives without any mental issues or no head trauma to himself is the one causing all the problems. And in a movie where "All iz well", the guys try to go the other way quite frequently and the central character is breaking the law by being an imposter.

One solution to the problem(something that happens in the USA) is to make private and public education equally expensive, whether you are in a government college or not, for middle class families and above. That way, parents do not have the carrot of free education dangling in front of them and they do not flog the kids in turn. Scholarships should be given only to the academically or athletically brilliant, which in turn would allow kids the option of excelling in sports. The whole problem is that the cheap education of government college is making monsters out of parents and they start early in their insults to their children. The movies gives these kids some easy ways out of the pressure cooker situations out of which they do not see escapes.

The pressure is not needed. Infact, you prevent the kid from having any managerial aptitude down the line due to the psychological damage that is inflicted on the kid.

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