Sunday, May 17, 2009

Profitable cannibalism....

We were right about the funny logic of Pakistan where it was ceding territory to terrorists and marking the spot with an X. Now they are attacking those spots themselves and will get tens of billions of dollars from the US government to improve it's "fighting capabilities" to fight those pesky terrorists. At about 100 million dollars per killed terrorist, we have the praise the folks who are doing the cost - benefit analysis here. A Pakistani terrorist killed by Pakistan in Pakistan is yielding a higher return for Pakistan than a Pakistani terrorist killed in India.

The next Pakistan initiated war will not go as smoothly as Kargil now. There will be much more to pay for India as all the US technology and logistical expertise pours in Pakistan. Not a bad deal for US too; India and Pakistan will continue to be locked in a death embrace much like the British had planned and hoped we would, pre-independence. One less potential superpower to worry about for the rest of the world.

India can only hope for the best and continue to be vigilant. And upgrade it's own capabilities in a non-corrupt fashion to match all the new US gizmos that would be hanging off a Pakistani soldier the next time they foray into India with renewed confidence and technology.

US can easily track that all the money they give to Pakistan to fight terrorists is going into the nuclear weapons enrichment program. Pakistan is probably betting that the US does not care and they are probably right. The billions will continue to flow in and the Pakistani military will continue to use that money to send their sons to US colleges and to buy weapons that can be used to fight the Indian army.

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