Sunday, October 7, 2007

Google map of Ram Setu

Here is the disputed area map on Google maps. Commerce and Religion should be kept apart; commerce and science do not work by disproving religion. You are not going to make money by disproving stuff in religious texts. Just going to get people worked up and lose elections.

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ram said...

Even NASA made it clear that RamSetu is a man made structure but our government did not think twice before making the mockery of our religious epics in Supreme Court, . Explaining Ram Setu is not man made and showing of unnecessary proficiency reflects the unscientific views of government. Scientific realities are written in ancient Indian religious texts. Don’t try to curb the grandeur of our epics by such statements. You cant play game with the faith of 80croresHindus.The real fact is that it is in our nature that if we attain some higher degree of education then we try to become over scientific to the level at which we question our ancestors, our 10000yrs of history. This main reason is the culprit behind the inappropriate and unscientific remark of Indian govt. &ASI.

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